About Dynamix

Dynamix Fitness Bellevue Personal TrainingDynamix Fitness is a believer in functional movement. What is functional movement you may ask? Functional movement is exercise based movements built off real life biomechanics. Usually these movements involve multiple planes of motion with multiple joints working together.


Dynamix Fitness uses high intensity resistive training to work the body both aerobically and anaerobically. This “metabolic training style” will stimulate the body’s ability to increase strength and muscular endurance all while increasing the heart rate activating the oxidative system .

The Focus is built around the clients specific goals and needs! With a 100% private studio location, there are no distractions or concerns with others interfering with your workout!

If you’re an athlete ready to take your game to the next level, Dynamix Fitness is for you!
If you’re wanting to transform your body both physically and functionally, Dynamix Fitness is for you!
If you enjoy working in a group setting feeding off each others high energy, Dynamix Fitness is for you!
If you benefit most with a “one on one”atmosphere with no other trainers or clients in the facility, Dynamix Fitness is for you!

Expect every workout to be unique and specific to your personal goals. Everyday there is a million reasons why an individual shouldn’t work out, “Its too late” or “I’m too tired today”. Well I believe that life begins outside your comfort zone. I know that working out is hard to start, but the results that follow will produce a sense of confidence and physical abilities that can’t be matched! If you’re on the fence about trying “DO IT”!! The first session is free and I promise that with hard work and a little sweat your life can change forever!

The workouts are never the same, ensuring to leave the body feeling great and the workouts always refreshing!

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