Personal Training

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Personal Training at Dynamix Fitness is the complete package for a client looking to achieve exceptional results. No time wasted with a “universal” workout, each client is approached with a custom program to meet their specific goals! The environment will be set to optimize both success and comfort. The sessions are built to challenge you mentally and physically, but also produce confidence and passion for your health and well being. When the workout, environment, and commitment are in place the results are sure to follow. One trainer and one client is the ultimate way to achieve your fitness goal!


I have been a client of Scott’s from the get go!  I grew up with an active lifestyle playing sports through junior high and high school but once college hit I began to see the effects of not having that regular fitness routine.  Last March I started working out with Scott and he slowly eased me back into a regimen.  In a couple months I went from being out of shape and unhappy with my personal fitness skills to being a happy, more energetic and confident individual.  Scott’s knowledge in the field and ability to make every workout fun and different is what got me hooked and will continue to keep me coming back!  I can’t thank him enough for the healthier individual he has transformed me into!

-Brittany Charlton / Kirkland

The group sessions have taken my workouts to the next level. It’s amazing how every workout seems to be different and challenge my body in a new approach. The energy in the room is always high and environment is very positive. With the small group setting I still receive personal attention but at a much lower cost. I will definitely be continuing to train at Dynamix fitness!

-Sean Brown / Kirkland

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